Sunrise breaking through after a rain, in a major city mallIt’s winter down here right now. We don’t get snow and while it gets pretty close to zero overnight, in the middle of the day it can be sunny, almost warm. Other days the skies are full of grey, rolling clouds and the paths shimmer from the rain. I’ve been trying to capture that eloquent moment between the rain and the sun. I haven’t found it, but something like it found me a couple of weeks ago.

When I step out to find a story or a picture, I sometimes find myself actively searching for that perfect moment. But it’s not there. It’s not sunny enough. It’s not cloudy enough. There aren’t enough people. There are too many people. I can’t get it quite right.

And then I let go. Because the perfect moment isn’t something you can hunt down. It comes to you, as a surprise moment in the early morning or a glimpse between strangers on a train. You could spend months looking for it. But if you glance away, sometimes that’s when it’s there. Look away. Let it go. Relax and let your mind drift free. And there it is.

Of course, it isn’t perfect. Perfection isn’t truly attainable. It’s really that you were looking for that ‘certain something’. The moment when you see it or hear it, whatever it is.

Maybe the best way to find that moment is to give yourself the gift of time.

Allow your mind to wander. Let it meander aimlessly. Leave the door open and see what drifts in. Most often, it’s nothing. And that’s just as beautiful.

Stop the noise and allow yourself a little bit of quiet.

A moment in time.