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Podlike: the teaser

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Shining a light on all the  little podcasts

I like a good podcast, me. Even a not-so-good one.

I love to listen to podcasts, talk about podcasts and, whenever I can, talk up a good podcast (or two).

Although I don’t use iTunes, I still sometimes review podcasts there, since I’m told that’s how a show can attract new listeners. But I don’t find shows through iTunes. It can be by word of mouth, but usually it’s through reading. Blogs, news stories, books, newsletters, tweets. You get the idea.

What’s this article? This is a teaser for what’s to come. Every few weeks (maybe more, maybe less) I’m going to spend a couple of hundred words talking up a favourite episode or series/theme of a random podcast show. It might be because it’s topical, it might be because it’s new. Most likely, it’ll be because it’s made my heart soar, made me laugh or made me think.

Listening to podcasts is usually such a solitary, close and personal thing. The people behind the shows put so much of themselves, heart and soul, into what I listen to. So, it’s about time I shared some of the love.

Stay tuned.

The ‘unwritten’ rules (so far)

So, I started this out with a few unwritten rules. Given I like writing, I thought I should write them up.

  1. One podcast review per podcast show / series
    (this is heartbreaking and cruel but stops me from just reviewing all the RadioLab shows ever made)
  2. I don’t have to subscribe to the show
    (there a MILLION shows and I can’t subscribe to all of them, but I can raise the profile of some beautiful things)
  3. Try and be open to suggestions
    (I want to find new shows and help others do the same, if you there’s an ep you want me to review, I’ll listen)
  4. I’ll be positive, but honest
    (I get tired of the amount of negativity around, so I won’t be sitting here just pulling something apart)

In podcast vernacular, this podlike article is a teaser and so you can call it episode 0, if you like. I will. Because I can. Also, If you make podcasts and have a particular episode you’d like to have me shine a light on, get in contact.

Finally, if this all new to you and you’ve never listened to a podcast, now’s a good time to try:

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