This is a place about many things.You can read about the many things or find out about me, Rosalie.

You can also find out about a book I wrote and published, The Castle — Diary of a Lost Woman: A modern gothic story of myth and misadventure.

That’s about it, really. It’s a blog, not an action movie.

“What place would be better for us than this? Who wants us, outside of here? The world is full of terrible people.”

We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Shirley Jackson

I don't care if this is performative, it's a well needed performance. It doesn't fix anything, sure, but it's at least a basic salve. It's a statement that would never have been made a decade ago. That's not nothing.

Dan Andrews @DanielAndrewsMP

There's a new flag flying outside the offices of the Victorian Government.

Because we'll always respect you.

And we'll always have your back.

After all of that, sending out a massive hug to the trans/non-binary community.

Trans/non-binary people are just that - people.

People trying to get on with their lives, just plowing on through the day like every one of us.

Make sure they know they are accepted and loved. xx

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