A pink lilly on green lillypond leaves. Photo.
a tenderness

I’m an online writer and editor by day, and a fiction and blog writer by night.

This blog is about my personal thoughts, feelings, notions and stories. Every word is mine alone. I’m the writer and the editor, so I’m responsible for the lot.

In short: it’s the home for my voice.

Like the rest of the book-loving world, I’ve written a book and I’m writing another. I probably always will be. Some day I hope for one to be in print. For now, writing books is a place for my words to go.

What I love

I love books and words, science, art, photography and stories, swords and history, and music and podcasts. There’s not much I don’t love. And I will always love people. I’m a humanitarian who loves technology, so I’m fascinated by what lies at the crossroads. Including what lies deep beneath, inside here.

Look far enough back, and you’ll find a post on most of these things.

I’m a passionate believer in the right to education and the need for knowledge to be easy to find and understand.  This is vital for anyone disengaged from the usual formal pathways. Ease of access to knowledge is how we get some of our most basic human rights.

About my work

I’ve been writing and editing online for around 20 years. I specialise in plain English. I’m often lucky enough to work with the lovely folk at the South Australian education department.

I have qualifications in project management and creative photography. I’m a professional member of the Institute of Professional Editors. I’ve worked in a ridiculous variety of roles, including in education, health care, forensic medicine, primary industries and research.  If you want to know more, you can find me at LinkedIn.