In November 2022 I published my first novel.

That novel is The Castle — Diary of a Lost Woman. It’s a modern gothic story of myth and misadventure.

Where to buy

Paperback purveyors

The book is available worldwide through Amazon as a paperback or on kindle. My Australian friends can use Amazon AU to buy The Castle. And she’s in all the Amazon locations (list below).

These two bookstores also list the paperback:

The paperback distribution will get wider in a little while.

ebook sellers

I’ve got lots of ebook services now. As well as Amazon, you can buy it through:

Other online services are coming soon: AppleBooks, Hoopla and more.

All Amazon locations: paperback and ebook

More places to come

I hope to get the paperback into a local bricks-and-mortar store. If I can wrangle it, I’ll add their details here. Hello awesome bookstores. I adore you!

What to expect

In this gothic tale of myth and misadventure, adventurous Anna Harker and her sensible friend Catalina Dalca are lured to a remote Romanian mountain range.

After a mysterious email that hints at Anna’s connections to the fictional vampire hunter, Jonathon Harker, Anna is enchanted and enthralled.

Anna’s desires put herself, her friend and her sanity in danger. Together, can they survive the myths, terrors and delights of this weird and ancient castle?

What to look for

Cover of the book The Castle - Diary of a Lost Woman by R A Wodecki.
The Castle — Diary of a Lost Woman: A modern gothic story of myth and misadventure.
Cover design by Brent Leideritz. Editor Sumudu Nayarana.

Snippet from the book