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Lovely, lush, words and ways to languidly lay about discussing them.


this too, you see
will fade.


time is a river

I put markers in
like stepping stones

Podlike: ripe with allusions

The Allusionist is frequently surprising, subversive and powerful. This episode was an early, shining example.

What memory is

Memory is weak, like water. It is strong, like waves.

The love of words

People sometimes say that names don’t hold meaning. That they don’t define you. But they can. And in the age of the internet, usernames are an opportunity to add meaning to who you are.


Some days are loud and you can’t bear the sound of your own buzzing thoughts. These are the days that you know you won’t try.

Life’s little mysteries

I asked them if they needed help. They seemed to say ‘please leave us be’.

The gap in my bookshelf

And now that the world has lost such a fine mind, a novelist, a scientist, a local, and a woman with a way with words, I can only stare numbly at the gap in my bookshelf.

Our dictionary

The Macquarie Dictionary is “Australia’s National dictionary”. But it also feels like it is ours. It has our slang, both old and new, and it captures the subtleties of Australian English. It’s also where we can find beautiful regional words and phrases, like three-corner jack.

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