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Words, ordered in a delectable way, just for you and I.

Of fire and will: a letter for Lyra

Lyra is a thousand million types of wonderful. She’s wilful. She’s fierce. She’s a firebrand. She’s on fire. She is luminescent and wild.

Reader with a cause

Something can be pause for thought, a good hearty laugh, or a chance for learning and discovery.

Read harder or not at all

Sometimes, when life is busy or tough, knowing your comfort zone and residing there is good and, even more, necessary. Sometimes you need to push the reading envelope a little.

Who owns this book?

What’s still out there that you haven’t yet managed to read?


I write in the margins of books. Not just text books. Bookish books. Fiction books. Non-fiction books. Beautiful books. Books.

Form an orderly queue

The balance of keeping this world separate from that one. Of making time for the putting down of words, instead of the picking up of new ones.

Battle of the books

How did all this happen? Why are these Mirandas in such fierce competition. What can I do to avoid it all again?


So, why am I angry? I’m angry for the way that we lost him. That we had to lose him at all. What I want to say here, falls apart. I stare at this paragraph and the screen blurs. It is futile and it is anger. It is loss.

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