This is a place about many things.You can read about the many things or find out about me, Rosalie.

That’s about it, really. It’s a blog, not an action movie.

“What place would be better for us than this? Who wants us, outside of here? The world is full of terrible people.”

We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Shirley Jackson

' “A more palatable form of masculinity” indeed. My palate does not need to be spared. I will call this piece what it is: writing that spits on people’s wounds, that exploits their trauma, and gorges itself on their pain.'

NEW by @likhain:

Our submission window closes in FOUR (4) DAYS. Loathe to incur any more paperwork but we’re on the home straight — anything featuring food, drink, appetite, consumption, or -related ... we’re hungry for it 🍽🥣🥡

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