A few years ago I wrote a novel. It’s unpublished, despite a few good efforts at getting a traditional publisher.

It’s time to get this story out into the world.

Getting ready to self-publish

I’d like to get the manuscript edited professionally before I self-publish. And although I am an editor, I specialise in online and plain English. That’s my passion. The story is gothic fiction. Total genre. So I’m looking for a manuscript editor who has a passion for fiction, especially genre.

Update: I’ve found an editor!

I found a lovely woman who I know and trust. She’s available in a few months. Until then, I’m sorting out the all the other things that need sorting, including more drafts and edits on my own.

Who I was looking for

I’m especially interested in folks who are LGBTQI+, especially trans, or someone who is Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, or a person of colour. It’s not because of any specific content in the book. I just want to spend my editing budget in an inclusive and accepting way.

For the same reasons, I’m also keen to offer the work to someone with less experience.

Basically, I’d like this to be an opportunity for someone who might usually find it hard to get a look-in.

I’ve got a fixed budget, but the hours in that budget will be based on the hourly rates for self-employed editors recommended by the Institute of Professional Editors.

If you’re keen, I’d love to hear from you. You can DM me via @theloveofwords on twitter or email me on 08.wording_otter@icloud.com

I’ll likely only get back to you if I think we’re going to be a good fit. It’s just me over here doing this in my spare time, so I’m trying to make this doable. I don’t want to make it too easy for me to change my mind!