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Short, sweet articles highlighting some of the best podcasts in the current deluge of the podcast audio golden age.

Podlike: ripe with allusions

The Allusionist is frequently surprising, subversive and powerful. This episode was an early, shining example.

Podlike: rumblings in here

This is the potential beauty of podcasts everywhere. This sudden light into the heart of someone else’s life.

Podlike: scrutiny in the house

…it somehow ends up in the middle of the digital era and leaves us surrounded by questions of privacy, individuality and public scrutiny.

Podlike: Paper radio & a prawn

There’s something timeless here. It’s not only the tale, but the way the tale has been edited and mixed. It sings and it stays with you. It left a haunting little place in my heart.

Podlike: Neighbors & refugees

It is a deft and warm example of how storytelling can bring us close to the real humanity of an individual.

Podlike: the teaser

Listening to podcasts is usually such a solitary, close and personal thing. The people behind the shows put so much of themselves, heart and soul, into what I listen to.

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