Some days

Some days are so full of noise that you have no time to reflect.

Some days are so still that reflection is built right in.

Some days cause you to stop and gaze out through the window.

Some days are loud and you can’t bear the sound of your own buzzing thoughts. These are the days that you know you won’t try.

Some days, though, aren’t like that at all. Some days you can embrace the struggle. The mountain still daunts you, but you don’t look away.

It’s on days like these that you set out, take the hard path, and breathe the fresh air. These are the days that make your lungs ache. That you make you feel alive. These are the days that the struggle within is yours to win. You might not yet win, you might not even be ready, but the mountain is tangibly yours. These are the days when you can truly see a way through.

Some days it isn’t like that.

But some day it will be once again.